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bru() uses INLA::inla() to fit models. The latter estimates the posterior densities of all random effects in the model. This function serves to access and plot the posterior densities in a convenient way.

Requires the ggplot2 package.


# S3 method for bru
plot(x, ...)



a fitted bru() model.


A character naming the effect to plot, e.g. "Intercept". For random effects, adding index = ... plots the density for a single component of the latent model.


an object of class gg


if (FALSE) {
if (require("ggplot2", quietly = TRUE)) {
  # Generate some data and fit a simple model
  input.df <- data.frame(x = cos(1:10))
  input.df <- within(input.df, y <- 5 + 2 * cos(1:10) + rnorm(10, mean = 0, sd = 0.1))
  fit <- bru(y ~ x, family = "gaussian", data = input.df)

  # Plot the posterior of the model's x-effect
  plot(fit, "x")