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Calculates the groupwise cross product of integration points in different dimensions and multiplies their weights accordingly, where the group is told by polygon ID. If the object defining points in a particular dimension has no weights attached to it all weights are assumed to be 1.


cprod(..., na.rm = NULL)



data.frame or SpatialPointsDataFrame objects, each one usually obtained by a call to the ipoints function. TODO #### na.rm and user-defined weight argument


logical; if TRUE, the rows with weight NA from the non-overlapping full_join will be removed; if FALSE, set the undefined weights to NA. If NULL (default), act as TRUE, but warn if any elements needed removing.


A data.frame or SpatialPointsDataFrame of multidimensional integration points and their weights


# \donttest{
# ipoints needs INLA
if (bru_safe_inla()) {
  # Create integration points in dimension 'myDim' and 'myDiscreteDim'
  ips1 <- ipoints(rbind(c(0, 3), c(3, 8)), 17, name = "myDim")
  ips2 <- ipoints(domain = c(1, 2, 4), name = "myDiscreteDim")

  # Calculate the cross product
  ips <- cprod(ips1, ips2)

  # Plot the integration points
  plot(ips$myDim, ips$myDiscreteDim, cex = 10 * ips$weight)

# }